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Salvatore Mancini supports women in ministry through new book

Author announces release of ‘Should Women Preach?’

 MANCHESTER, Conn. – In his new book, “Should Women Preach?: The Biblical Truth about Women in Ministry” (published by West Bow Press), author and experienced pastor Salvatore Mancini confronts the controversial debate of whether or not women can preach, pastor a church or lead in church ministry. Mancini turns to the Bible to provide guidance to readers on what he believes to be God’s answer to the question.

In his experience as a minister, Mancini would often receive questions about what the Bible says about women pastors. He is excited to deliver his message that women are definitely welcome as church leaders. “Perk up, ladies, and listen, men, because we have to understand spiritually, where we all fit in,” he says.

 An excerpt from “Should Women Preach?”:

           “Any woman reading this should be shouting! You have been set free by God to preach and teach in the church just as much as the man. There is a responsibility at home too, and that’s another part, and so is it with the man. But we need to understand the differences in these areas, so we can apply it and do what God wants us to do.”

Mancini draws from more than three decades of experience in ministry leadership and Bible study to make this issue easy to follow and understand. He says, “I want readers to come away from the book with the empowerment to know the truth about this subject, especially women to set them free to do the work of God.”


“Should Women Preach?”

By Rev. Salvatore Mancini 

Soft cover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 60 pages | ISBN 9781490804583

E-Book | ISBN 9781490804576

About the Author

Salvatore Mancini has over 30 years of ministerial service in preaching, teaching, evangelism, biblical administration, church government and missions at home, as well as in Peru, Spain, Italy, Canada, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia. He is also associate pastor and vice-president of the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church in Manchester, Conn. Mancini also holds a degree in Christian education. He, his wife and two children reside in Connecticut.

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  1. What an awesome book, it dispels the myth of should women preach. It also shows the difference between reading and studying God’s word.
    Thank You

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