Let God Use Your Substance!

Your substance

Like wood used for a fire the wood is the substance that burns- fire needs something to burn to live- fire cannot live by itself there must be elements that cause the flame to erupt.

Fire is a chemical process. Three things are needed for this process: oxygen, heat and fuel. Without one of these elements a fire cannot start or continue.

The substance that God has put in every one of us is the fuel that the HS needs to burn to produce that burning fire-

Like in a barbecue with hickory or mesquite etc- the fire releases the flavor of the wood and the Holy Spirit fire will release what God has put in us!!!

Be filled with the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh but the gifts and talents that God has put inside you will come alive!

gods love


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  1. Love the bbq reference. One of 1,458,942 reasons why I love our church (FGIChurch.org, @FGIChurch1) is because the gospel is always broken down and compared to everyday life. That’s what Jesus did when he used parables. Keep it simple.

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